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July Houston Lash Training (Beginner)

FREE Mini-Kit w/ head mannequin and LIVE model for demonstration

  • Starts Jul 23
  • 650 US dollars
  • Bellaire Boulevard

Available spots

Service Description

(ADVANCED TRAINING) FREE Mini-Kit w/ head mannequin and LIVE model for demonstration Introduction 1. Welcome to the Lash World! - A brief history of lash extensions. - Understanding the difference: Classic, Hybrid, and Volume. - Market potential and setting expectations. Module 1: Essential Tools & Products 1. Lash Tool Mastery - Tweezers types and precise use. - Tool hygiene and maintenance. 2. Adhesives Deep Dive - Chemical makeup of lash glues. - Achieving optimal retention. - Safe storage practices. 3. Exploring Lash Extension Materials - Mink, silk, synthetic: What, when, and why? - Distinguishing curl types, diameters, and lengths. Module 2: Mastering Classic Lashing 1. The Art of Isolation - Why isolation is pivotal. - Techniques to perfect isolation. 2. Classic Lash Application - Preparing lashes for a seamless bond. - Glue dipping techniques. - Precise lash attachment for longevity. 3. Fill-ins and Safe Removal - Gentle methods for extension removal. - Perfecting fills without overloading the lash line. Module 3: Hybrid Volume Mastery 1. Crafting Perfect Fans - Understanding fan basics. - Techniques for consistent, beautiful fans. 2. Hybrid Application Techniques - Intertwining classic and volume for the perfect blend. - Importance of lash weight and distribution. Module 4: Safety, Sanitation & Comfort 1. Prioritizing Eye Health - Identifying and avoiding potential allergens. - Safe practices to prevent infections. 2. Keeping it Clean - Sanitizing tools and workspaces. - Tips to make clients feel comfortable and safe. Module 5: Hands-on with Live Models 1. Consultation Skills - Determining the desired lash style. - Ensuring client compatibility and safety with patch tests. 2. Real-time Classic Lash Application - Demonstrating a full set application. - Tips for speed without compromising quality. 3. Hybrid Volume Application in Action - Real-world application challenges. - Achieving a balanced, fluffy appearance. Module 6: Achieving Long-lasting Lashes 1. Guiding Clients on Aftercare - Educating on daily lash care. - Navigating the dos and don'ts with lash extensions. 2. Mastering Retention - Addressing common issues affecting lash longevity. - Solutions and tweaks for better retention. Module 7: Final Assessment & Certification Assessing knowledge on classic and hybrid techniques Feedback session. Awarding certificates to successful candidates Will include a Mini-Kit! The list of items can be found below:

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  • 11548 Bellaire Blvd ste b, Houston, TX 77072, USA

    (281) 928-7231

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