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  • Besides the training, what else is included in each course?
    All students will receive a fully stocked Training Kit up to the value of $300 with products that you will use everyday.
  • What will I receive after completing a training course?
    After successful completion of one our training courses students will receive a “Certificate of Completion” issued by Mrs.Ana Briones, a Licensed Cosmetologist.
  • Are the courses beginner-friendly?
    Absolutely! We designed our Lash Extension 101 and Classic Training courses specifically for girlies who are wanting to join the industry with little to zero experience. We understand how overwhelm it could get and we're here to kick that anxiety away and guide you to success!
  • How much classic lash experience is needed before attending the Advanced Lash Training Course?
    You should have at least 3 months of experience in lash extension and hands-on application on models before you proceed to our Advanced course, since this will guarantee you the smoothest process possible in learning lash extension.
  • What are some perks that a student will receive by registering courses at Academy Lash?
    You will receive free training materials and tips such as lash mapping, isolation, and aftercare that help you sharpen your skills along the way. On top of that, students will get 5% off of purchases at The Lash Supply.
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